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A good night’s sleep is so important. To wake up refreshed and feeling you have actually been to bed, is for me a luxury I haven’t enjoyed for months. I have had a series of disruptions and ill-heath for the last 9 months; but this morning I awoke feeling alive, having slept soundly for the first time in ages. When you haven’t slept well you crawl out of bed in the morning and resent that it’s time to rise. After a good night’ sleep on the other hand you feel joyous at greeting the day. I had forgotten how good it felt. I used to drop off as my head touched the pillow until seven the next morning and took it for granted. That for me was normal. What did I do differently last night? Well not much really, except I was warm and cosy, despite it is alleged you sleep better cool and that your temperature drops in readiness for sleep. I switched on an electric blanket half an hour before bedtime. I had recently purchased a memory foam mattress which is very comfortable, moulding itself around your body; so these obviously helped. Perhaps most importantly I have been reading a book which suggested running over in your mind all the things you want to happen, prior to sleep and then most importantly turn them over to your subconscious mind to take care of events whilst you sleep and truly believe it will guide you. So no worrying about forthcoming events or goals, and yes it worked. Peaceful sleep until the morning. It felt wonderful! This is something I have done in the past but somehow have got out of the habit, it’s good to be reminded and feel the effortless process for improving your health, wealth and anything you are worrying about. This procedure and belief helped me to achieve many things in the past it is time to rely on it again. Apart from feeling good, there has been a lot of research lately about the value of undisturbed deep sleep and the need for 8 hours to keep the brain healthy, help prevent dementia and give your body a chance to repair. You often notice “baggy eyes” and a weary look after lack of sleep. So today I feel I can achieve so much more I have energy and enthusiasm to get things done. I feel in a brighter mood, and my thinking is clearer. Today I will design a newsletter for my followers, I will press on with my new website about the book I have been writing; I feel excited about the days tasks. Even the sun seems to be shinning brighter. Learning a new skill is like learning a language a good way to stimulate and grow new brain cells and keep you mind healthy, when you regularly sleep well you have energy for new tasks and fitness regimes, it is all a vicious circle. A few years ago I started a new venture. I love working at home with the time and location freedom it allows me. My coach and mentor provides best-selling products for my customers and I have learnt so much about internet marketing and working online in the last few years. It is all an exciting adventure watching your business grow. If working at home appeals to you, as it does to the 2,000,000,000 others searching Google daily for ideas, I can truly recommend it. Affiliate marketing with the guidance of a coach providing great products and teaching the best up-to-date marketing strategies you will begin earning commissions whilst you learn the techniques required. It is very rewarding watching your business grow. Don’t be in a rush to sack your boss, begin your venture part-time, maybe a bit less TV! If your new lifestyle satisfies you your business can be grown to the size you require. There are many millionaires and many part-timers in the industry. A New Year is almost upon us could this be your New Year’s Resolution? The Book I have been reading: “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy – now over a million copies sold! (By Anne O’Dwyer)