Scientific advisory board

The mìsula® management board has appointed a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) composed of some of the most pre-eminent Italian scientists, clinicians and health professionals staff of natural product chemists, pharmacognosists, microbiologists, formulation chemists and herbalists. The board advises the mìsula® team on product identification and development, clinical studies and ongoing research. The SAB advises on clinical trials and additional research to pursue, and, crucially, how to translate that research into products that will have the strongest positive impact on skin care, ageing and health. Board members are specialists in various fields of study, including biochemistry, pharmacy, dermatology, geriatrics, nutrition, genetics, neuroscience etc. They also work in a variety of roles as regulatory officials, clinicians and scientists. The scope of their expertise provides mìsula® with the resources to research and formulate scientifically-validated products. Our boards collaboration with top academic institutions provides us with access to intellectual property and the ability to partner with leading researchers on clinical trials.

Vincenzo Mazzuca Mari M.D. Ph.D.

Physician board specialist in Gastrointestinal Pathologies and Homeopathy. Professor of Clinical Nutrition at Nicolò Cusano University in Rome – Department of Nutritional Sciences, in the past he also taught Phytocosmetics and Biological Therapies at the University of Calabria. His research is focused on the ways by which chemical and biological components of food ingredients affect our health and gastro-intestinal apparatus. His field of interest includes Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Biological Therapy and Integrative Medicine. He works as a scientific consultant for several Italian pharmaceutical and supplements manufacturers and organizes various National and International Conventions. Dr. Mazzuca Mari is also co-founder of Frame Cosmetics and head of the scientific advisory board.

Caterina Missero Ph.D.

Professor of Molecular Biology at University of Naples Federico II-Department of Biology and Center for Genetic Engineering. Professor Missero’s research is focused on the transcriptional mechanisms and genetic pathways required for normal skin development and function altered in inherited and acquired skin diseases. Dr. Missero is investigating how epithelial cells in the skin establish unique programs of gene expression. High throughput genomic analyses, cell biology, and functional approaches including CRIPSR/CAS9 gene deletion are used to unravel the molecular pathways that are crucial for the normal balance between stem cell maintenance and differentiation in the skin. More specifically, her team is primarily dissecting the molecular pathways controlled by the transcription factor p63 in epidermal cells. (

Vincenzo Salamone Ph.D.

Pharmacist and Cosmetologist, specialized in Toxicology of Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Cosmetic Technologies. He is an expert in phytotherapy; botanical active ingredients; extractive techniques from botanical plants and analytical techniques such as HPLC- GLC- UV. Researcher and Project Coordinator at Sveba; Lemuria; NVH Italia and Evra –Italian companies which are the main producers of Phytotherapeutic Supplements and Cosmetics. Dr. Salamone is also CEO and founder of Frame Cosmetics.

Anna Rita Ritacco M.D. Ph.D.

Medical Surgeon, specialized in Geriatrics and Gerontology. Joint researcher of the IMUSCE project  (Italian Multicentric Study of Centenarians) at the Department of Geriatrics (Magna Graecia University in Cosenza). Member of the National Association of Cardiologists (ANMCO) and Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC). She also co-published the book ”Serum levels of LP and depression in a group of centenaries – Ageing and clinical laboratory” as well as 23 other publications related to Geriatrics and Gerontology.

Laura Ivaldi Ph. D.

Pharmacist and Cosmetologist for many years involved in Research, Formulation and Development of Cosmetics, Medical Devices and Food Supplements. She is also owner of Maylea Srl – an Italian company that provides consultancy, formulation and production of cosmetics, as well as the sales and marketing director at Sveba S.r.l. producer of Phytotherapeutic Supplements and Herbal Cosmetics.

Nina Laudonio Ph.D

Nutritional Biologist, specialist in Clinical Pathology, expert in Adverse Reactions to food and Nutritional Therapy. She teaches Clinical and Holistic Nutrition at Niccolò Cusano University in Rome. In the past she worked as researcher at the Experimental Chemotherapy Laboratory of the Regina Elena National Institute for Cancer in Rome, studying the cytotoxic effects of anticancer drugs on both in vitro and in vivo models. She also worked at the Antitumor Chemotherapy Laboratory of the Mario Negri Institute in Milano studying the antineoplastic drug-induced DNA damage through analyses of the antigenic phenotype. She attended various National and International meetings and is coauthor of scientific papers published in important magazines.

Enrico Calabrese M.D. Ph.D.

Medical Surgeon specializing in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery – cutaneous oncology, difficult injuries, rhinoplasty, laser surgery, cicatricle consequences, palpebral pathologies etc. He has worked with the Plastic Surgeon Divisions at the St. Luc Hospital in Bruxelles; Planas Clinic in Barcelona, Miami Heart Institute USA and the Italian National Tumors Institute in Milano. Currently he is a plastic surgery consultant for Italian Diagnostic Center and Galeazzi  Orthopedic Institute in Milano, as well as owner of the ENKA medical practice in Milano.

Fabiola Cenisio Ph.D.

Chemist, specialized in Science and Technology of Medicinal Plants. Expert in Holistic Medicine; Homeopathy; Phototherapy and Oligotherapy. She is also lecturer at Leon Vannier School of Integrated Medicine.

Angelo Ferrari M.D. Ph.D.

Medical Surgeon, specialized in Dermatology, Venerology, Immunotherapies and Natural Treatments. He’s been lecturer at the School of Dermatology and Venereology of the University of Pisa, professor at the International Academy Of Clinical Nutrition – Università Popolare in Rome. Keynote speaker in various National and International conventions in Dermatology and Allergology.

G. Antonio Statti Ph.D.

Chemist and Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Science at University of Calabria. Lecturer in Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medical Analysis, Nutrition, Nutriceutical Integration, Functional Cosmetics, Dermatology and Trichology at the same University. He is also member of the Italian Society of Photochemistry (SIF) and Society for Medicinal Plant Research (GA).

Vincenzo Tagliaferri Ph.D.

Technologist in Cosmetic Science specialized in Phytocosmetics, Organic Nutrition and Cosmetic Medicine at the Department of Health Sciences and Nutrition of the University of Calabria.

Susanna Cassano M.D. Ph.D.

Medical Surgeon, specialized in Geriatrics, Clinical Aritmology, Electrophysiology and Electro-stimulation. Member of the Italian Societies of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SIGG), Echocardiography (SIEC) and Internal Medicine (SIMI).

Elvira Corapi

Aesthetician, Make-Up Artist & Beauty Advisor specialized in Facial treatment, Applied Cosmetics; Lymphatic-drain and Posturology. She is a beauty educator and brand consultant for many years. Unsuccessful medical treatments led Mrs. Corapi to seek alternative solutions, coming to the conclusion that natural skin care and healthy nutrition are the answers. She focuses her talents and personal ethics on educating people in regards to choosing the best of natural beauty treatments.

Giovanni Canora Ph.D.

Dietician and lecturer of Dietology, Applied Dietetics, Herbal Drugs and Preparations at the University Of Salerno (UNISA). Specialized in Nutrition, Phytotherapy and Homeopathy, he is editorial director at “Pangea” magazine and cooperates with Italian television programs as a consultant in the field of diets and Phitotherapy.

Filomena De Biasio Ph.D.

Biotechnologist, specialized in Molecular Biotechnology, Bio-Informatics and Biometrics. She works as a researcher at Osun Solutions labs, involved in the study of formulas for new products and in the identification and characterization of new ecotypes of officinal plants to be used as nutriceuticals.

Michele Pastorino

Raw-Training Strength Specialist certified by Healthworks Fitness and Functional Training. His work is mainly focused on prevention, recognition, evaluation, rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries as well physical activity in ageing and neurocognitive functions. He uses holistic workout disciplines to achieve both technical and physical benefits.

Luigi Milella Ph. D.

President of the Scientific Committee of the 1-year Postgraduate Course in “Health and Gender Medicine”. Researcher and Professor in „Pharmaceutical Biology“ Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Basilicata. His research is focused on the study of the pharmacological activity, chemical structure and biosynthesis of natural compounds coming from different sources, either foods or medicinal plant species that belong to the endemic flora of Mediterranean countries. He was also lecturer of Pharmacology; Pharmacotherapy; Pharmaceutical Botany and Physiology at Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Basilicata.

Monica Carmosino Ph. D.

Associate Professor in the Scientific and disciplinary field of Physiology (SSD BIO / 09), at the Department of Sciences of the University of Basilicata. She is also scientific coordinator of the University of Basilicata in the ‚Network of Italian Laminopathies‘; Associate Editor of the International Journal of Cell Biology and Associate member of the American Society of Nephrology. She is specialized in Cellular & Molecular Biology and Physiology, Biochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition.

Francesco Buonomo Ph. D.

Bioinformatician, specialized in medical systems engineering, medical software and diagnostic equipment applied in biology, biochemistry, and microbiology programs. He creates mathematical models, develop dynamic simulations, and performs pattern analyses of biological systems.

Cosimo Violante Ph. D.

Pharmacist, Scientific Consultant, expert in Phytotherapy, Nutritional Supplements and complex problems related to obesity. He is founding partner of the Italian Society Of Preparatory Pharmacists (SIFAP) and director of the Galenic Scientific Association (GSA). Scientific supervisor of several conferences related to Medicinal Preparation; Phytotherapy and Complementary medicine.

Francesco Ziccarelli Ph. D.

Hepatologist, specialist for hepatic and hepatobiliary disorders as well the gall bladder and pancreas. Member of the Italian Society of Ultrasound Contrast Science in Medicine and Biology (SIUMB).

Gisela Mettele Prof. Dr.

Holds a Chair in Gender History at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, Germany. She also was a Lecturer in Urban History at the University of Leicester (UK) and held a Senior Fellowship at Harvard University (USA). She worked at the German Historical Institute in Washington D.C and served as its acting director. She is a member of various academic advisory boards to include the International Federation for Research in Women´s History. She also chairs the German Association for Historical Women´s and Gender Research as well as the German Association for Urban History.