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The there is a lot of interest in extending the life span of humans with pharmaceutical companies in a race to produce drugs which will have us living to well over 100 years on average. Yet in spite of all the hype we are not any closer in part because of the incredible complexity of the task. In fact after several generations of increasing life span, we are now faced with the current young generation having shorter lives due largely to diet. In the past extending human life was relatively easy, clean water, clean food and clean safe shelter. Even though this hasn’t been achieved worldwide, at least in the developed world we have been able to ensure these life basics and therefore life has extended dramatically in a relatively short time. So, dramatic life extension at least in my life is a pipe dream. But increasing health span is within the grasp of all but the terminally ill. Increasing health span means that for those years I am given on this planet, I will remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. This doesn’t mean taking as many drugs as possible, this means that I need to do all the things I can do regularly that are under my control. Of course you can decrease your health span, I’m sure you all know some people who were slowing down in their forties, medicated in their fifties, and unwell in their sixties, but lived on for another ten or fifteen years, relying on a cocktail of drugs for survival. These are diet, exercise, rest & fun. Several times every day we tip food of various kinds into our mouths, and by the time the flavour has gone we have forgotten all about it as we fill our forks again and pile some more in. Everything, whether it be food or drink, each has a consequence for us, it may be fast or it may be delayed but there is a definite outcome from each mouth full. Good food is easy on your digestion, is well absorbed, and is able to be used to nourish each cell. This will enhance health span. Poor food is a challenge on your digestion, making nutrient absorption more difficult leaving us not only under nourished but also having to manage the stressful effects of such foods. This will reduce health span. So what will be your choice 90% of the time, what will you do today and tomorrow to improve your health span. (By Ian Newton)