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If you have been reading skincare reviews you know there are two kinds: reviews that the companies make themselves, and ones that the people actually using the products write. You have to keep in mind, that a skincare review written by the company itself is just marketing. That’s why they all claim to be the best skincare brand that has ever existed – no wonder you don’t know what to believe after reading these kinds of reviews. What you need is founded knowledge about how you can recognize the best skincare brand and evaluate how good their products really are, without having to rely solely on the marketing material most skincare reviews will give you. Read the independent reviews written by users! The skincare reviews that people using the particular product use are not marketing but a really valuable resource you can use. Look for customer reviews on the skincare company’s website and read what they have to say. Independent review sites can be helpful too. You will perhaps be surprised to notice that the best skincare brand is usually not made by the popular, big companies. The companies with superior skincare products put most of their budget on research for the best ingredients and on developing their products, and not into advertising all over the globe on TV and billboards. That’s why you can benefit from the experiences of other customers, who might have already found the not well known champion brand of skincare. Look for effective Ingredients! When searching for skincare products, check that they contain scientifically proven effective ingredients. The best skincare brands will have an effective mix of active ingredients in their products. You must also make sure that the cream contains a high amount of these active ingredients. A great skin cream should have anti-aging properties, moisturize effectively and promote natural skin health. Look for 100% natural skincare product lines, as these are in my experience the safest and most effective ones. (By Lumi H. Jais)