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Most people equate going on a diet with suffering. Hunger is expected, feeling grumpy, sweating like a pig at the gym, eating rabbit food, feeling stressed just walking past a bakery and not knowing what to eat, or having people around you who are eating all the things you like. The easiest diet of all, which takes no effort at all, and the tastiest of them all, is to eat whatever you like, whenever you like! In the western world this diet has been extremely popular for decades, with occasional low calorie painful interventions. The only problem with this diet is that you will be just like everyone else in the doctor’s waiting room or hospital ward. Full of pharmaceuticals and or on the surgery list. The easy diet created the obesity epidemic, the diabetes epidemic and generations of unwell people. If you are told to eat less and exercise more, then you know it’s going to hurt. And the discomfort doesn’t go away, so the diet tends to go away very quickly. This is also true of the many fad diets which seem to pop up all to regularly, such as the Israeli military diet which consists of eating lots of apples for a few days then cheese then who knows what. An Israeli soldier is about as likely to eat such a diet as an iron man is to eat sugar filled nutri grain prior to an event. So we all know that changes have to be made and that the easy diet is a terrible idea, but how hard a diet can we adopt and still manage to stick with it.

– You should not be hungry. Hunger just puts you under stress and your fat burning will shut down like a hibernating animal.

– You don’t have to exercise so hard that you are leaving trails of sweat everywhere, because exercise is a poor way to lose weight. But you do need to move your body.

– You won’t be counting calories because it’s boring and it doesn’t help. All calories are not the same so counting them is pointless.

-You should have a good variety of foods.

-You must have sufficient energy to move and think clearly.

-You shouldn’t be dreaming about food. This happens when you are hungry, but let’s face it if you are dreaming of cream filled donuts then it will take a while away from sugar to change that, and even then it’s rare for someone to dream of green vegetables. (By Ian Newton)