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Hydrogen-enrichment Smart Bottle +
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Water is the main component of the human body and it plays an important role in our lives. The human body is a machine designed to run on water and minerals. It is composed of approximately 72% water and water is vitally important for every bodily function. Without water, the body does not work; what is more consuming poor quality water can have a dramatic impact on your health. Therefore drinking healthy water is vitally important in our lives. The mìsula® – D5 device is a smart BPA-free bottle with a capacity of 450ml, specially designed to easily convert mineral water into hydrogen-rich water without spending any money.

How to operate:

It only takes 5 minutes to produce a bottle of hydrogen-rich water. You must charge the bottle using the USB cable for at least one hour. The device can be powered by a power adapter, computer or mobile power pack, which is very convenient both for use at home or if you need to take it with you on the go. Once charged, you can fill up the bottle with water. We recommended using boiled tap water or still mineral water. Water with a high concentration of chloride cannot be directly electrolysed by the device. Press the “>” button. A blue light will come on and you will see the water starting the electrolysis process. Wait for 5 minutes and then you can start drinking the water. If you are in a hurry, press the “>>” button. The device will perform a rapid electrolysis process. Once the water is ready the device will stop the process but every time you move the bottle the process will restart. So simply add water and check the bottle is charged.

Applied Nutriceuticals & Skincare Supplements with hydrogen-rich water: Taking your daily mìsula® Applied Nutriceuticals (N,O) and Skincare Supplements (S) with hydrogen-rich water helps to improve their absorption and boost their benefits. Hydrogen-rich water also helps to remove impurities from the cells and the body, maximise anti-aging potential and improve hydration levels (up to 6 times better than tap water). We recommend drinking at least 1.5 l / 50 fl.oz of hydrogen-rich water daily during any skincare treatments.


Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is a derivative of the amino acid Tryptophan and widely distributed in food sources, such as milk, almonds, bananas, beets, cucumbers, mustard, and tomatoes. In humans, melatonin is primarily synthesized by the pineal gland. Melatonin has been shown to support circadian rhythm, hormone balance, reproductive health, cognition, mood, blood sugar regulation, and bone metabolism, while lowering blood pressure and improving overall antioxidant status with powerful role in fighting free-radical- related diseases. Melatonin is known for helping some people achieve a better night’s sleep, which is how it earned its nickname as “the sleep hormone,” and scientific evidence now suggests that it plays a crucial role in a variety of metabolic functions, including neuroprotection, anti-inflammatory defense, and immune system support. Melatonin has been found to possess 200% more antioxidant power than vitamin E and to be superior to Glutathione as well as vitamins C in reducing oxidative damage. As such a potent antioxidant, melatonin plays a powerful role in fighting free-radical-related diseases. The N2 is produced in Italy by our laboratories using the highest quality ingredients and technology.


Take one tablet in the evening, half an hour before going to bed. For better absorption and to increase the product’s effectiveness, we recommend taking the tablets with hydrogen-rich water obtained using the D5 device.