R5 – Extreme Restorative Pro-Ageing Satin Serum

Extreme Restorative Pro-Ageing
Satin Serum
30ml / 1,01 fl.oz

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R5 is an anhydrous serum with a velvety texture that will leave skin immediately softer and firmer. The formula has been designed to provide skin with immediate “plumping” thanks to the moisturizing action provided by microencapsulated Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The microencapsulation preserves the “molecular integrity” of the HA so that it is not lost before it can actually reach the deeper layers of the skin. The “molecular protective capsule” transfers the pure active ingredient into the second layer of the skin, and once it meets the water present there, the HA is released and can bind to the water, expanding and carrying out its cosmetic action. The result is instant yet genuinely plumps, softens and firms. R5 can be used on the whole face, even in the most delicate areas (eye and lip contour).

Tips for use/application:

R5 serum has been specifically formulated to be applied using the D2 (Thermal-Vibration Face Massaging) device, which, in addition to facilitating penetration of the deepest layers of the skin, intensifies the serum’s effects.