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Italy’s largest national park, the Pollino National Park, straddles Basilicata and Calabria regions and covers 1960 sq km. It acts like a rocky curtain separating the region from the rest of Italy and has the richest repository of flora and fauna in the south. The park’s most spectacular areas are Monte Pollino (2248m), Monti di Orsomarso (1987m) and the canyon of the Gole del Raganello. The mountains, often snowbound, are blanketed by forests of oak, alder, maple, beech, pine and fir. Pollino has a varied landscape, from deep river canyons to alpine meadows and is home to a variety of rare Mediterranean medicinal herbs. Great part of the botanical herbs we use at FRAME® to produce our active ingredients are from Pollino park. Actually our sister company EVRA is located close to Pollino National Park. The entire production suits the laws about biological agricolture based on the “Local Chain” project realized and is managed in collaboration with the Association for Agricultural Development of Basilicata. This partnership allows EVRA to create a complete productive supply chain, which starts from the seed in the field, using officinal herbs cultivated in according to a specific quality standard. In 2016, Lucana Officinali Cooperative Company was founded with the aim of joining the over 40 farms involved in the project on 50 hectares of land, and in the same year the production chain is certified according to ISO 22005, which applies a disciplinary sector for monitoring and tracking the entire plant path. That means, we are in good hands, so you can really trust FRAME® products J. of course you’re wellcome to visit Basilicata region and Pollino National Park, and we are proud if you pay a visit to our industrial plant to discover what’s behind a FRAME® product.