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Women in their mid-20s and older have been getting their faces injected with Botox since the late ’90s. Short for Botulinum Toxin, the injectable formula temporarily paralyzes muscles, keeping your face from intensifying smile lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and the “11” that commonly forms between brows. Fun fact about Botox: When men get the treatment it’s called “Brotox.” Apparently, Brotox injections are exploding, GQ reports, because men want to look young at work: “The number of men seeking Botox has increased 310 percent since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and a similar boom is happening with other noninvasive procedures like filler and laser treatments. Combine the availability of easy outpatient treatments with wider cultural acceptance and an increased emphasis on the value of youth in the workforce and what you’ve got is the makings of a mini-revolution”. Manhattan dermatologist Michael Eidelman, M.D., told GQ that roughly 40 percent of his clients at Chelsea Skin & Laser are guys (he’s also given multiple talks at national physicians’ conferences about Brotox and this current “Menaissance” we’re in on multiple occasions). Teeth whitening, eyebrow sculpting, and hair removal (or growth stimulation) are popular procedures. “What I’m seeing more now is, like, a straight stockbroker who just wants to look good,” Eidelman told the magazine. So is now the time for a PSA to women everywhere to lock up their eye cream and moisturizer so their boyfriends and husbands don’t demolish them before they even realize what’s happening? THE MEN ARE COMING FOR YOUR BEAUTY STUFF AND SECRETS. Except, wait, dudes have been trying to look good forever (if Mad Men isn’t full of hair gel and hats for those hungover days, nothing is). The editors at GQ probably just didn’t want to admit it until now. (By Carly Cardellino from Cosmopolitan.com)